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Cosmetic Dentistry

Enhancing Your Teeth

“Smile Makeover” is a popular term, today. Whether on TV or in the latest fashion magazine, you’ll likely hear about the “life changing” effects of a person’s smile makeover. In terms of cosmetic (or esthetic dentistry), smile makeovers can typically correct most deficiencies in a person’s smile.

One popular esthetic dentistry technique used in smile makeovers is teeth whitening. Although effective for adjusting tooth color, teeth whitening is not effective in correcting other possible dental deficiencies. Compared to teeth whitening, all-ceramic dental veneers and dental crowns can both improve the color of a person’s teeth, and can correct problems like chipped, crack, or crooked teeth.

Replacing Your Teeth

Tooth extraction is quite common due to poor dental health and gum disease. Leaving the missing tooth space empty may not sound too serious, but the consequences of not filling in the space from the missing tooth can include:

  • The teeth adjacent to your missing tooth can change position to fill the gap;
  • The loss of your missing tooth’s root can cause your jawbone to shrink, making your face appear prematurely older; and,
  • A missing tooth in the front of your mouth can affect your smile and your self-confidence.

In many situations, a dental implant is the most pleasingly esthetic solution for replacing the missing tooth. An all-ceramic dental crown or dental bridge, secured to a dental implant, provides a complete and beautiful solution for improving your smile. A dental implant takes the place of the missing tooth’s root and helps prevent the above consequences.